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katrine/20/norway (but i'm an exchange student so i live in the uk right now) / i like pop music a lot.


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i’m tired of liking bands i want bands to like me

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Please Be Mine || Jonas Brothers 

But I’ll be there forever, you will see that it’s better; all our hopes and our dreams will come true. I will not disappoint you, I will be right there for you ‘til the end, the end of time. Please be mine. I can’t stop the rain from falling, can’t stop my heart from calling you. It’s calling you.

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am i having a situationyesbut look at him ugh

@louteasdale: Emo love

@louteasdale: Emo love

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zayn & harry doing the Macarena x|x

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did i feel close to passing out when this happened???yesyes i did

Kasabian - Underdog

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i know i'm gonna cry when i see themand i'm p sure this will start the waterworks????yes

Graffiti My Soul | Girls Aloud

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Bastille—“No Angels” (The XX “Angels” vs. TLC “No Scrubs”)

I have spent the morning in sheer *awe* of how well this track works, complete with clips from “Psycho”. The lead singer of Bastille, Dan Smith, has taken this mashup to a new level, re-recording the vocals and some instrumental parts as well. I IMPLORE every single one of you to give this a chance. I don’t even like the XX (sorry, hipsters) and I think it is brilliant.

Bastille are an alternative rock four piece band from London, England. Their name comes from the day their lead singer and songwriter, Dan Smith, was born.

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YEScuties (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

OMG @onedirection @mcflymusic & @LittleMixOffic in the same room!! But who’s gonna be No.1 in the #OfficialChart?

OMG @onedirection @mcflymusic & @LittleMixOffic in the same room!! But who’s gonna be No.1 in the #OfficialChart?

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First snowIt’s beautiful 


First snow
It’s beautiful 

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yesi'm gonna reblog every single picture of snow(◡‿◡✿)
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